How Mid Year Stress Affects Teens And Their Education

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Keep your teens motivated in schoolIt is important to take the time for a mid-year check-up of your teens, especially when it comes to their education. This ensures school success, helps keep them motivated and on the right track. Summer is still a few months away, and the 2nd semester is in full-swing, but summer is probably playing on their minds, as is the school year-end. Let’s help keep them positive until summer comes, so, they can feel free to relax and rejuvenate when they get their long break.

Remember that knowledge is power, so, it is vital that we educate ourselves regarding our teen’s experiences; either in school or when out. Being a teenager is hard enough without all the stress that comes hand-in-hand with education. Stress simply makes your teen more susceptible to other potential problems.

Keep Teens on Track and Motivated

There are a number of items the parent can check for mid-year learning success – more or less on their own – without seeming to be too intrusive. Mid-year is basically the time of year when parents can best assess how teens are coping at school. It is generally easier to determine what subjects they are good at, and where they might be struggling if they don’t find a new subject easy to grasp. A routine mid-year check, just might check the stress, and prevent either the parent or teen from being caught off-guard.

By now older teens may be experiencing classes that are more difficult, as high stakes tests draw near. So, it’s a great time to check for a dip or downslide in progress. Current test scores and grades can be checked on the teens’ teachers websites to get some idea of what is taking place with their marks if the child is not being forthcoming. If there is a problem, then arrange a meeting with the teacher – technology has not advanced so far that parents/teachers are no longer required to meet face-to-face. Develop a motivational plan for improved school performance, based on the results of that meeting.

Check up on the teens’ attendance and tardies. No parent likes to find out that a child has not attended school without their permission, but raising children is not an exact science. One of the major reasons for teens failing to thrive educationally is skipping class. These results can also be found on the school website. Isn’t technology marvelous? But remember we want to keep these teens motivated, so, if they have been skipping school, it is best to find out what the root cause is, not play the heavy handed parent.

While this might be difficult to assess, most parents seem know when a child or teen is having difficulty relating to peers, or making friends if you like. Peer support is very important to the self-esteem of children of most ages. They seem to do better at school if they have the support of friends their own age. Teens don’t need a lot of friends, but they do need a buddy or two who have good values with regards their own education. Concentrating on school work is a lot harder when you’re alone.
One idea for helping teens to make friends includes; identifying what is the child’s passion, and allowing them to pursue this in a peer-age-related group.

There are various other facts that can magnify mid-year stresses for teens, these include but are not limited to; activity overload, sleep deprivation, skipping meals and quite simply too much stress. It is interesting to note that 85% of teens say that they are too stressed, and they are not just saying this. If your teen says they are stressed – it pays to look into stress triggers. Best be safe than sorry is what my wise old mum would say.